Every Day Drinking Wine About

This is an outlet for my hobby of drinking and finding out about wine. It’s an easy thing to be excited about – each bottle is a capture of history, culture and geography.

I undertook my level 2 WEST and am booked to do my level three later this year. I changed my Instagram handle to ‘your wine guru’ but then quickly realised that I’m not at guru level yet because there’s so much to learn. So, I am just trying to centre myself as your wine friend. If you send me pics of wine lists on social media, it will make me incredibly happy. Other than that, I aim to demystify chat around wine.

Wine aside, I’m from the US originally but grew up in Cambridge. I went to uni in Sheffield, have ended up living in Liverpool where I live with my husband and our bossy rescue Persian cat, Mr Miso.   

All the wine is paid for by me, unless otherwise stated.