No Dry Jans / Pecorino / Morrisons Best Pecorino

I’m applauding everyone doing Dry January but I will not be partaking this year. January is miserable and feels about three months long, so I’m not about to deny myself my favourite vice. This week I’m drinking Morrisons The Best Pecorino. This sunny white is the perfect antidote to arguably the worst part of winter.

About Pecorino
If you like Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, Pecorino would be a great varietal to try. Good value Pecorino is popping up on various supermarket shelves. It’s a good wine for bargain hunters as you get a lot more flavour and texture for your money than say, Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc at the same price point. If you have a bit more budget, you can also find very sophisticated, aged Pecorino. It can have flavours of citrus, stone fruit, aromatics and floral, with a mineral finish. Pecorino typically has a high alcohol content – 14% and higher.

Pecorino and food pairing
Pecorino is a bold wine, with high acidity, making it a great wine to pair with food. It’s a great picky bits wine – cheeses (pecorino cheese would be excellent!), olives, chacuterie. I’m struggling to think of a main dish that this wouldn’t go well with and you could even enjoy it with dessert.

Morrisons The Best Pecorino – £7.25
Aromas crisp and clean, staring up at a clear blue sky. Flavours of citrus and apricot with a flinty mineral finish. Superb! Find it here

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