About Fiano / Fia Fia Fiano / Surani ‘Pietrariccia’ Fiano 2021, Puglia

Sing with me now! FIA FIA Fiano Fiano… FIA FIA Fiano

When I was studying for a wine exam two years ago, for some reason Fiano as a grape grown in Piedmont just wouldn’t stick. I was losing my mind a bit over it, and started singing Fiano to the tune of Piano – ‘Fia fia Fiano, from the Campania region’. In present day, after weeks of bouncing the baby on my knee in various playgroups whilst singing Piano, it’s not surprising I picked up this bottle when looking for something new in Majestic. This particular Fiano is from Puglia.

Surani ‘Pietrariccia’ Fiano 2021, Puglia
This is the kind of white wine that reminds you why you like white wine. Lovely seasalt breeze minerality. Juicy nectarine and pineapple notes with a zinging acidity that would make it a great pair with food. A mark of a quality wine is long lingering pleasant flavours after sipping – called ‘the finish’. I was impressed with the high quality finish for the price point.
Where from? Majestic
Price: £9.99

About Fiano
Fiano grape typically has a slightly waxy texture and can have flavours of tropical fruit, pear, citrus, honey and hazelnuts. The oldest wineries are in Campania, Italy, and are called Fiano di Avellino DOCG. You can also find Fiano in Italy’s Puglia (as above) and Australia. Fiano variety thrives in warm climates, but still retains a high level of acidity which is a rare characteristic as oftentimes the warmer the climate, the sweeter the wine.

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