R&H Fine Wines Liverpool Wine Tasting

I feel like the wine tastings at R&H Fine Wines are one of Liverpool’s best kept secrets that I almost don’t want to share. Almost.

Tucked away on Queen’s avenue off of Castle Street, R&H is my favourite place to buy wine. You don’t have to be an expert to fit in, the range is always on point and there’s a good mix between old world and fun new producers. Bottles that will satisfy your discerning dad nestle alongside pét nats that taste like fruit and candy. Like any good wine shop, you don’t have the weird scenario where you’re locked in battle, trying to pretend you’re a master of wine, so as not to appear foolish. Everyone I’ve met who’s worked there has been friendly and easy to talk to about wine.

There have been a few different themed tastings but this particular one was the seasonal favourites curated by the owner, Devin Stewart.

We kicked off with a glass of French sparkling wine before heading to next door to their restaurant Queen’s Bistro (Jay Raynor approved!) and down in to the belly of the beast, to the basement. About twenty of us clustered together on various tables in the dimly lit room, a seance-like atmosphere bonding us all. Wine was immediately poured, and so began proceedings. The tasting comprised of three whites, four reds and a dessert wine to round things off, along with some complimenting nibbles.

Devin was an excellent host. He took us through the story of each wine in a manner that was both engaging and succinct, leaving a good amount of time to do what we were there for – taste the wine!

Part of the fun of tastings is discovering new wines that excite you. All of the wines on this tasting were excellent but my particular favourites were Clément Baraut Herbes Folles (bright yet complex from the Loire region in France) and Quinta de Saes Reserva 2017 (fruity and smooth with a hint of spice from Dão Portual).

The June tastings have just been released, and it’s a run not walk type situation as the secret is getting out fast!

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Where is it?
12, Queen Avenue, off Castle St, Dale St, Liverpool L2 4TZ