Summer Sipping | Vinho Verde

As I post this, the long awaited sun is finally out with promise of another beautiful day tomorrow! So you need to get this CHEAP sunshiney wine in to your fridge STAT.

Vinnho Verde is a Portugese wine region, translated as “Green Wine” in reference to the rolling verdant countryside the grapes grow in. A lot of Vinho Verde is drunk young and so is less expensive, so a good option if you’re looking for a cozzie livs friendly sip. They tend to be zesty and mineraly, with a hint of fizz. They fall in to my made up category “session wine” coming in around 10% – perfect for guzzling all day in the sunshine.

Cozzy Livs Bottle
Animus Vihno Verde – Aldi – £4.50

As a general rule, I don’t believe in wines under a fiver. But I am happy to be proven wrong, and the Aldi Animus Vihno Verde does just that. Lovely and citrusy with just a hint of fizz, stock up now!

Payday Bottle
Chin Chin Vinho Verde – Legs – £12

It would be remiss to talk about Vinho Verde and not mention Chin Chin. If you’re curious to try a supreme example, plus a bit of a viral sensation, make this your next pay day treat. I get mine from Legs Liverpool (dangerous same day delivery Wednesdays and Fridays in Merseyside).