Coteaux Varois en Provence – Lidl

Grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Monastrell, Mataro
Region: Provence, France
Year: 2019
Price: £6.99
Purchased from: Lidl

I tend to swerve food that uses words like passion on the label. I don’t want to hate on our live, laugh, love ladies – but it can be a hallmark of basic, or worse – bad value for money. I however, had a hunch I’d get on well with this wine because it’s from the Provence region of France. If you’ve been hurt by bad rosé before, you’re not alone. All too often we are stung by cheap pisspants rosé. However, this wine, or others from Provence could be your gateway to repairing your relationship with rosé. Provençal rosé typically has flavours of red berry and citrus, and comes in light sunset orangey-pink hues.

The Coteaux Varois en Provence is a typical example of wines from the region. It is the palest blush salmon in colour. Juicy fresh strawberries are the predominant flavour, with a tart twist reminiscent of biting in to a granny smith apple. It is light enough to session but has a refreshing acidity which would make it a good pair with food. It is the perfect wine for sipping cold in the sunshine, and is a steal at £6.99.

A bottle of rosé wine is balanced on a cream jumper laid out on green grass, next to fruit salad in a plastic tub