I’m Obsessed – The Bib Co Box Wine

12 Bottles…

I’ve been stuck for a while about what my first post in a year and a half should be about. Then I realised that I have been raving to anyone who will listen about Bib Wine Co, so figured that would be a good place to start!

The Bib Co is a premium box wine company.  I usually associate box wine with festivals – buying the highest percent cheap box wine, liberating the bladder from its cardboard casing, and sucking it down between hangovers (maybe with a sprinkling of mango juice if the occasion calls for it). Bib wine, however, is in a different league entirely, serving a selection of wines from independent producers, with a lean towards organic.

So how did I get on to Bib? To start from the beginning, part of the reason why there’s been such a gap between posts is that, since we last spoke… I’ve had a baby! The first weekend my son was home, my sister visited and looked after us three. It was heaven. A seasoned mum of four, she brought me a box of the Encostas da Pedra Alta Douro Branco, nestled alongside a pile of baby clothes. It was the perfect gift. I had spent nine months fantasising about wine and squirreling away bottles to enjoy post-partum. When it came to it though, my husband and I would open a bottle, only manage a glass each and waste the rest resolving to make a stew. After the fifth or so expensive “stew” bottle, I made the switch to box wine. Handy for a little (or large) glass as required and keeps fresh for 6 weeks after opening – although I pushed this, and it was still good.

There are a few good arguments environmentally speaking to try Bib – these boxes are 10 times lower in carbon footprint than your average bottle of wine (perhaps because you get three 75cl bottles to a box). You can save up your plastic bladders and send them back to Bib, closing the loop on the packaging.

Of the Bib wines I’ve tried so far, this Malbec is my personal favourite, because it is a great all-rounder. Light enough to sesh, with fruity flavours of plum and fig. Bold and lightly spiced, making it a worthwhile one glass.

Big and boozy, this Château Cournneau Bordeaux is the best bits of winter in a glass. Christmas spices of clove cinnamon and nutmeg. The cosiness of curling up in your favourite armchair in a blanket with a book. Fluffy socks. Would be great with a cheeseboard.

Mineral texture, notes of lemon rind. Reminisces of climbing a rocky seaside cliff, sun warmed and salty breeze. It pairs well with BBQ, salads, tapas, and pasta dishes. Or great on its own as a refreshing aperitif.

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I put my sister’s email address in when I made my first order and I think it maybe got me free delivery or her points or something? If I’ve convinced you, try it with mine [email protected]