Best Supermarket Sparkling Wine Buys

author on a lake, sunset in the background, three bottles of fizz pasted in the sky

This last lockdown has been a real slog hasn’t it? I think it can be easy to look around at what’s happening and give up on festivities, but I think it’s more important now than ever to keep up celebrations. So, get ready to pop a cork for your next big win, whether it’s for a job, baby, vaccine or dressing in something other than leggings (the biggest achievement) – with this rundown of the best supermarket Sparkling Wine buys.

Lidl – Crémant de Loire – £8.49

Crémant is Champagne life, Prosecco budget. As a high-quality French sparkling wine made in the same way, it has many of the same characteristics of Champagne but with a more affordable price tag. The Lidl Crémant from the Loire region is really superb value for money. Enjoy a refreshing, dry crispness with notes of green apple, pear and citrus.

Aldi – Pink Prosecco – £6.49

I tend to find Aldi’s new wines the most exciting, because I feel they keep abreast of new trends. They were the first to offer up the previously impossible Pink Prosecco for example. Pink Prosecco didn’t exist up until last year, but a change in regulations meant that it now can be produced. This Aldi version is reasonably priced with fine bubbles and flavours of fresh strawberry.

Aldi – Organic Prosecco – £7.99

Making organic wine is incredibly difficult, and getting the proper accreditation very expensive, so to find a bottle of organic wine at this price point is a steal. Better for the environment and good value for money aside (although both of these are quite big plusses in my book) – this has a very pleasant flavour, think orchard fruit and blossom. 

Tesco – Finest Prosecco DOC – £8

I’ve had really good luck with wines from the Tesco Finest range. I think that the step up in quality is noticeable for the extra two pounds or so. Enjoy citrussy peach flavours. This is currently on offer at Tesco for £7.

Tesco – Vilarnau Brut Reserva Cava 75Cl – £12

It’s nice when the quality of the product matches up to the design. It’s so easy to fall for a fancy label only to discover the wine inside smells like cheap perfume. This, however, is as gorgeous as it looks. Lovely creamy bubbles with flavours of green apple and pear.

Sainsbury’s – Conegliano Prosecco, Taste the Difference – £8.00

As with the Tesco Finest, the couple of extra pounds this costs is definitely worth the money. These bubbles have flavours of ripe apricot, citrus and honey.

Bargain Booze – Freixinet – Prosecco DOC – £12.99

This is widely available, but just in case you really are in a pinch, there’s always a nearby Bargain Booze to dive in to. Previously known mainly for their Cava, Freixinet have recently started producing Prosecco, and it is just as good. Clean flavours apple, pear and citrus. It’s currently on offer for a very reasonable £8.99.

What’s your favourite supermarket sparkling wine bargain? Have you had any reason to pop a cork recently? Tell me in the comments below.