You OK HUN? (Inbox me)

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with summer. The first sniff of spring and I’m practically nude trying to get that sweet warmth and vitamin D on my skin. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to try all of the canned wine ready for SUMMER.

If you’re not feeling convinced of the benefits of drinking wine in a can, I’m here to convert you. Firstly, wine in a can is the perfect on-the-go booze solution. Lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for outside activities, picnics and festivals. Plus, a tin kind of almost looks like an energy drink, so it’s a little bit less conspicuous than swigging out of a flagon of wine.

HUN has been on my radar a little while so I thought it would be a good starting point in my can journey. The biggest sell for me is how competitively priced it is – Fairtrade for just £3 for the equivalent of a large glass. Vegan and a choice of three options, white, rosé and sparkling rosé bubbles. It’s not the most sophisticated wine out there, but sometimes that’s not important.

Hun Sauvignon Blanc 250Ml 13%Vol
My personal favourite of the three. Tropical fruit flavours of pineapple and passionfruit mingled with gooseberry and just a touch of vanilla, but still with a nice level of tartness. I think fans of Villa Maria will like this one.

Hun Rose 250Ml 13% Volume
The Rosé is Provincial France style with a lovely light salmon pink hue, nice and crisp with strawberry flavours and a lovely tartness. Very refreshing, perfect for summer.

Hun Sparkling Rose Bubbles 5.5% 200Ml
Sweet, mellow with berry flavours and a light fizz. For me, my least favourite, a little bit too sweet for my preference and the bubbles were a little flat. But these are my personal feelings – you might like it! At 69 calories it’s good for the calorie conscious boozer.

When would I drink HUN?
I think these tinnies would be good for the park, beach, train or a day festival (I could write a whole separate blog about what to take to festivals with camping). The kind of casual trip that requires lightweight and compact packing.

A little tip before you go, let the funk when you first open it air off, the experience improves immensely after that. It’s not the wine’s fault, just a thing about cans I recks.

What are your thoughts HUN? Would you drink canned wine?